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According to reports, SMS is the most popular and vastly used feature out of all telecom features provided by the Telcos in Pakistan. Also the growth recorded in text messaging usage is enormous since the substantial decrease in SMS service charges on top inception of bundle offers in cheap prices of SMS packages offered. This feature of having hefty quota of SMS in cheap price allowed users to send SMS to any network in Pakistan, made SMS the most cherished feature for mobile subscribers in the country.

Also still numerous people remain in hunt of some source to send free SMS to Pakistan for this option there are quite a few websites has surfaced over the period of time furnishing this facility. Although, because the SMS tariff is already less expensive in Pakistan, which any niche users can afford easily, this online SMS sending feature is most widely utilized by Pakistani living abroad. These people use the online portals to make free of charge contact with their family and friends at any time via these websites permitting them to send free SMS in Pakistan on any network mobile number.

Text Messaging in Pakistan

According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) reports more than 350 Billion SMS’s have been exchanged amongst mobile phone users during a single year in Pakistan. Furthermore, it means that about 1 billion SMS are normally bartered one day in the country. Also the person to person text messaging average ratio suggests that a mobile phone user sends more than 200 SMS in one month solely.

These above cited figures shows the rage of text messaging in over 100 Million mobile phone users of Pakistan. Although, after the recently concluded much hyped SIM biometric re-verification drive has slashed more than 20 million ghost mobile subscribers in the last three months – ever since this verification process triggered. Most number of mobile SIM’s out of this huge chunk was blocked upon its registered users disowning request and remaining was blocked upon non-verification in given time.

The swift penetration telecommunication helped the telecom operators to reduce the services tariff also the rigid competition in the consent of persuading more and more subscribers paved the way in this regard. Furthermore, convenience of text messaging is another imperative aspect in immense popularity of text messaging in Pakistan. The handiness of text messaging is observed in view that SMS can be sent to multiple mobile numbers at once, which is big plus of text messaging. Moreover, the cost of sending this hefty amount of SMS cost is so minimal that every type of mobile phone users can afford them with ease.

On the other hand, text message is also considered a silent contact making feature of mobile phone, because it lets users to do messaging with anyone without any restriction. It’s also a noticeable private communication tool for people, who require privacy for their SMS chatting. This is a very significant facet of text messaging since making a conversation without getting recognizes helps numerous mobile phone users to make compliance of their lots of odd jobs, which are obligatory to be done without blare.


As we have mentioned above that why text messaging is the most popular pet mobile phone feature used by countless people in such hefty quantity. Moreover, as the mobile subscriber is only going to hike in Pakistan simultaneously with its ever mounting population, the usage of mobile phone services including text messaging will further increase. Also the cheap tariff is one of the most significant facts about SMS exchange in the country primarily the youth is the main beneficiary of this affordable SMS packages conformity. That’s why now days we see all youngsters’ caries a mobile phone and remain busy in texting their friends 24/7 – because it’s amazingly cheap form of communication at any time.

As we all know that the long awaited next-generation mobile data services known as 3G/4G was launched last year in 2014 – after govt of Pakistan auctioned 3G/4G spectrums on the April 23rd. Through this […]

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